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ok apparently if a duckling imprints on a human and doesn’t meet other ducklings he ends up believing he’s a human too. that’s unbelievable. what if im just a duckling with an overactive imagination. what if im just a sleeping duckling and this is all a dream

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@rattatwat got me this card lmfao

"Hold my fucking hand, loser. We’re using the buddy system for the rest of our lives."

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“I’ve accomplished everything I wanted out of life, like way beyond my wildest dreams. Anything from here on is just icing. Seriously, if you find out that I died tomorrow, I’m fine. Don’t be sad for me, because I’m not sad. I died with a smile on my face.”
-Ryan Dunn


"i dismiss you, not the bell"


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this is important to remember


66th Primetime Emmy Awards || Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Bryan Cranston as Walter White on Breaking Bad

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